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Tuotteen PURINA CAT CHOW Special Care 3in1 – sucha karma dla kota – 1 5 kg kuvaus


Includes vitamins Vitamin D3
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Pet specific needs Elimination of hair balls
Prevention of the development of tartar and tartar re-formation
Weight 1.5 kg
Cat breed Any breed
Pet life stage Mature
Animal type(s) Cat
Health effects Tartar control, Digestive care
Package type Sack
Pet food flavor Turkey
Weight range 1 kg – 1,9 kg
Main flavor Poultry
Product type Dry food
Additional features De-worming
Hair and skin
Category For cat
Age of the pet Adult
Series PURINA Cat Chow
Product category Dry food
Veterinary diet

Nutrition facts

Zinc content 200 mg/kg
Fat content 11%
Sugar free No data available
Sodium 0.2%
Soy free No data available
Calcium 2.6%
Copper content 39 mg/kg
Gluten free No data available
Manganese content 17 mg/kg
Crude ash 7.5%
Lactose free No data
Vitamin A content 14000 IU/kg
Protein 32%
Vitamin E content 100 mg/kg
Crude fibres 5.5%
Vitamin D3 content 1150 IU/kg
No artificial colours No data available
Paino 1.532 kg (kilogramma)


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